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Friday, December 03, 2010

A different approach of investment

With so much market in fluctuations its seems there is much more concern in the mind of investors to think of safer ways of investment. With commodities going high specially Gold and Silver its time to invest into something new yet profitable. Thats wat the current market trend showing with the big investors opting for Energy's which directs to price rise of Energys. Gas prices already on rise so comes solar energy, though its not new as its wide acceptance has been noticed in Europe, South korea and China and USA.
Solar cells and panel manufacturerrs are coming into much notice, the one stock for capital I set is Yingli Green Energy.
Yingli's primary global markets include Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, France, South Korea, China and the United States. On November 19, the company announced a gross margin of 33.3%, above its original guidance of 31-32%, and well above the 22.5% it posted the same period last year. Operating margin was reported at 22.4%. The company reported a profit of 465.1 million CNY ($68.2 million USD) up from 120.8 million CNY last year. That's nearly a quadruple increase in profit, with earnings per depositary share rising from 0.79 the previous year to 2.92 this quarter. Total revenue increased 48% to 3.28 billion CNY ($490.9 million USD). These numbers beat the analyst consensus of $478.2 million USD in revenue.

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