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honk kong

The history of the securities exchange began formally in the late 19th century with the first establishment in 1891, though informal securities exchanges are known to have been in existence since 1861.[3] The exchange has predominantly been the main exchange for Hong Kong despite co-existing with other exchanges at different points in time. After a series of complex mergers and acquisitions, in the twenty first century, HKSE remains the core. From 1947 to 1969 the exchange monopolised the Hong Kong market

Exchange history and predecessors

Association of Stockbrokers in Hong Kong (Founded 1891)
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(1914) Renamed to Hong Kong Stock Exchange
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(1947) A merger is made after World War II with Hong Kong Stock Exchange retaining the name
Template CanadianCityGeoLocation West.pngHong Kong Stockbrokers Association(Founded 1921)
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Hong Kong Stockholders Association Ltd (Founded 1978) allow info sharing between HKSE and other exchanges
Template CanadianCityGeoLocation West.pngFar East Exchange Ltd(Founded 1969)Template CanadianCityGeoLocation West.pngKam Ngan Stock Exchange Ltd(Founded 1971)Template CanadianCityGeoLocation West.pngKowloon Stock Exchange Ltd(Founded 1972)
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(1986) HKSE merges with other exchanges and retain the name but also presented as Stock Exchange of Hong Kong
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(2000) Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing becomes the holding company for Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Template CanadianCityGeoLocation West.pngHong Kong Futures Exchange Ltd(Founded 1976)Template CanadianCityGeoLocation West.pngHong Kong Securities Clearing Company Ltd(Founded 1989)

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