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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Logo - The identity of our business

Logos, when used by a company, business establishment or a corporate body is generally to represent their business interest, vision and derive material / monetary benefits there from.

Logo’s are mostly in small in size, so as to fit into different stationery stuff, brochure flyers, banners, and other ways of transmission the message/statement. Normally most of the corporate and business firms use their business with the logo along with the slogan that communicates the spirit of their vision and thoughts.

Logo with precise distinctiveness would boost our visibility, integrity and remembrance in the market and thus leads to more business from the prospect market.

While we design a Logo we need to focus on the characteristics such as reliability in use of our logo, tagline, and materials. Recurrence of similar components, which are used in the similar means, would help people remember who we are and what we do. This way the logo remains at the forefront of our potential clients minds.

We should always remember to keep while designing a logo which is unique and stands out of the crowd and especially from our competitors. Even we need to have quality graphics along with the excellent printing and paper quality. Even the logos designed once should remain long-lasting symbol of our company to ensure that we don’t have to redesign our logo again in few years. Logo’s don’t speak to a particular time period or phase of the company but it reflects what we are and what we want to achieve. The main important part is the color combination of our logo; we need to make sure that even the colored logo appears presentable in the black & white printed material. The logo should fit collectively as a single unit and not just look as a jumble of elements pasted or merged together. If we are using combination symbol and text then all the elements should be appropriately sized to one another. Our business’s name should be legible at various logo sizes – make sure that the designer selects a font that is easily readable.


The author is an amateur writer focusing primarily on business design logo services, corporate logo designers, professional logo design, Graphic Design. The specializes in quality Logo design and gateway to superior Corporate logo Branding.

Source : Logo - The identity of our business

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