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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

How GoGoHub is Revolutionizing the Online Classified Ad Market

GoGoHub is setting itself up to become the next Internet sensation with it's technological advances. GoGoHub is an online classified ad site, that is changing how people post and search for classified ads on the Internet. As many of you know Craig's List has dominated this market for many years with very little competition. As you will see, GoGohub's vision is completely changing the way people post and search for classified ads on the Internet.

Here is how GoGoHub is changing the online classified ad market. There are four major differences between GoGoHub and Craig's List.

1. GoGoHub has implemented a new search technology called Geo-Targeting in all of it's online searches. What does this mean to a person like you and I performing searches for products and services on the Internet? It means when you perform a search using GoGoHub you will be able to locate and LOCALIZE your search results to within a 5 mile radius from your location. Instead of bringing back searches from all around the world that would be useless to you, you can now pinpoint your searches to your exact location.

2. Another advantage of using GoGohub, is that it gives you the search results in REAL TIME. The search results that are returned to you are as up to date as can be. It will search hundreds of other classified ad sites to bring you the most current and up to date ads.

3. Just as importantly, when you place a free online classified ad, GoGoHub's technology will blast your ad selling your product or service to thousands of other websites across the Internet, where as Craig's List will only post your ad to their website alone.

4. The fourth and possibly the biggest advantage of using GoGoHub over Craig's List is that GoGoHub will pay you for using and sharing it's website with others. For those of you who don't realize the astronomical ad revenue dollars companies like Craig's List, Google, Yahoo and other companies generate on a yearly basis, it has become a BILLION dollar industry. Now for the first time in history, GoGohub will share a portion of their online classified ad revenue with it's users. Imagine the possibilities of what GoGoHub can mean to you financially once the word gets out about GoGoHub and millions and millions of users are placing classified ads on the website. Now is the time to check out GoGoHub and be a part of this potentially historic opportunity.

With all the technological advantages GoGohub is bringing to the online classified ad industry, GoGoHub is at the forefront of revolutionizing the Internet. To learn more about GoGoHub and it's opportunities please visit

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