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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mystery shopping Important News

  1. Beware of secret shopper cheque scam, RCMP warn - The RCMP have uncovered a widespread cheque scam that attempts to lure consumers with promises of jobs as secret shoppers."It's like any other scam," said Cpl. Phil Carver. "They are trying to make you believe you have money when you don't, and get you to send back real money."

    Carver, who has spoken to hundreds of people, says thousands of cheques have been turned in to authorities.Edmonton-based Brad Buxton also received a phoney cheque when he responded to an advertisement in his community paper on behalf of his aunt. more ....
  2. Secret-Shopper Scam Targets Local Woman - Teresa Watkins was thrilled when she received a letter in the mail, offering her a job-- and a check for nearly $2,000.

    "Most women, you give them a check for $1,950-- that's a lot of money! And what woman doesn't like to go shopping?" exclaimed Watkins.

    All the letter said Watkins had to do was be a mystery shopper, spending money at stores and commenting on customer service. Watkins said the letter told her she could spend an allotted amount of money in certain stores, and keep $300 for her services. But there was one extra step.

    "I was supposed to go the MoneyGram and wire $1,450 to a lady named Stacy Kelly in Canada," said Watkins. Before Watkins wired the money, she asked a family member to deposit the check. Watkins was shocked when the bank's manager said it was all a scam."It looked legitimate. It was drawn on a legitimate company," said Watkins. More.......

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