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Friday, May 30, 2008

How to bring home more money | Business

How to bring home more money | Business

IF YOU’RE struggling to cope with rising interest rates and record petrol prices, we’ve got a few ideas on how you can boost your income, from selling unwanted stuff to being paid to shop or hang out at a pub.

Think before committing

Before you dive into a second job, there are a few things you need to consider.

- Make sure it’s not going to cause a conflict of interest with your day job.

- Be realistic about whether it will fit in with your lifestyle and personality. If you’re the shy, retiring type then fronting Tupperware parties probably isn’t for you.

- Look into the tax implications. It’s worth getting professional advice on this, especially if you need to set up as a contractor.

Sell your stuff

Selling things you no longer like, need or use can turn a tidy profit. While the traditional garage sale is always an option, opening up to world-wide-web will put your stuff in front of millions of potential buyers.

Everyone has something lurking at the back of a cupboard that they never use. In fact, the average Australian woman has $725 worth of unwanted clothes in their wardrobe, according to online auction website eBay.

Sian Kenneday of eBay says to get started selling online all you need is a digital camera to photograph your goods and an internet connection.

Vendors can sell their items via an auction, or set a fixed price.

Plenty of people want to do more than sell the odd item online. Ebay has 52,700 people who use the site as either their primary or secondary source of income.


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