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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Road to Mystery Shopping – Ethical Market Research Pays Well

Have you considered becoming a mystery shopper? Secret, or mystery, shopping is now a widely popular way for companies to obtain quality consumer feedback, while mystery shoppers get rewarded with cash and freebies. Companies are competing to recruit mystery shoppers who pose as real customers on their premises to check the quality of their services and the responsiveness of their staff. However, mystery shopping is far from being a secretive tool for punishing employees; it is a legitimate way for improving staff training, customer service and, ultimately, sales. Therefore, ethical mystery shopping is a powerful channel for positioning businesses upwards marketwise, while rewarding the objective and candid evaluations that mystery shoppers complete for these companies.

If someone has already told you that mystery shopping doesn’t pay well, you should definitely question that statement. Certainly, many people have been unfortunately burnt in mystery shopping scams, or have not been ambitious enough to master the tricks of successful mystery shopping – rather simple, but requiring a good doze of persistence. You should keep realistic. And the reality is that there is always a good return on a rational investment of your effort and time. Once you have registered with legitimate mystery shopping companies, you can start earning, and actually increase your earnings as you get better in completing your mystery shopping assignments...

Read complete article here : - The Road to Mystery Shopping – Ethical Market Research Pays Well

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