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Saturday, November 03, 2007

GAPbuster Worldwide to Become GAPbuster

GAPbuster Worldwide, a global leader in mystery shopping ( and customer experience evaluation ( have announced that their new recruitment drive will focus on employing 8000 people per month in rural areas rather than focusing on large metropolitan cities.

There's no doubt that cities and urban areas are booming with job opportunities ( Today's society and economic trends have created an environment that promotes city and urban life. This has led to a mass migration of people from country and rural areas to cities and towns. People are moving because they believe there are more in work opportunities the city. Well, GAPbuster is breaking trends and proud of it.

With operations in over 40 countries including in the world's major cities, GAPbuster also provides work opportunities ( in over 70,000 rural and country towns. Working with the world's leading brands and companies GAPbuster is extremely pleased to be providing plenty of jobs in country and rural areas. At a time when other companies are following the trend and restructuring to all-in-one city operations, GAPbuster prides itself on covering all demographics in all areas.

GAPbuster represents everyone, everywhere. GAPbuster became the world's leading customer experience management agency by being able to provide insights about businesses anywhere in the world. Whether it's the desert, the tropics, the city or the country, GAPbuster prides itself on the guarantee of being anywhere at anytime. This means constantly expanding operations and creating new work opportunities in some of the most remote and isolated areas in the world.

GAPbuster's latest initiative is to recruit 8000 people a month in rural and country towns. The recruitment team has put a plan in place to make sure targets are met and exceeded. This guarantees that there are going to be plenty of jobs in country areas, including the most remote and isolated towns.

So if you thought there weren't any work opportunities in the countryside, GAPbuster has a job for you.

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