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Friday, November 16, 2007

Mystery Shopper Scams

Mystery Shopper Scams
Getting paid to shop and dine out. It sounds too good to be true, and in some cases, it is.

Mystery shopping; it's using educated, experienced shoppers to anonymously evaluate a customer's experience.

Sharane Gott, Better Business Bureau: "Mystery shopping is one of those jobs that everybody wants. I do, you know if they would pay me really well to do that I would dine out and I would shop all day long."

That's why it's an industry that can be easily preyed upon by scam artists. A scam Letter targeting people who want to become mystery shoppers claims you've been selected to represent the company as a mystery shopper and there are no registration fees.

Instead, cashier checks are enclosed made out for several thousand dollars. The instructions; cash the check, keep $200 and wire the rest back to the company. The only problem; the money's left your account and the check is a fake.

There are legitimate mystery shopping companies. In fact, the Mystery Shoppers Providers Association tells us they estimate there are more than one million mystery shoppers in the United States alone. We talked to one mystery shopping company for advice on how to avoid scams.

They said you don't need to pay anything up front to get the assignment and it's difficult to get the assignments; it's competitive. They told us it is a real business and there are expectations and details they're looking for.To find out more you can log onto Grace White

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