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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The policy is most suitable for people who have an appetite and inclination for market linked returns at the same time wish that adverse market movement do not effect their family in unfortunate event of their death.
Invest in ICICI Prudential's LifeTime Super policy-a regular-premium unit-linked policy, which offers potentially higher returns that systematically enable you to meet your long-term financial objectives. In addition, LifeTime Super also provides the protective benefit of an insurance cover, which keeps your family secure, always.
Super brochure: click to download

The plan is suitable for people who are not in any pension schemes and wish to provide regular income for life after a stipulated date. The amount you receive depends on the premium you pay till the stipulated date and the option you choose. It also offers life cover during the deferment (i.e., premium paying) phase.
ICICI Prudential offers two key retirement plans, LifeLink Super Pensionand LifeTime Super Pension - flexible income cum insurance plans that ensure you meet all your retirement requirements. So you can retire peacefully from work, but not from life.


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