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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Cut the flab to stay financially fit this year

Today there is just too much of financial flotsam that just a passbook and a notebook is not enough to keep check on your investments. Its time to clean up the financial wardrobe
Let's see how
1. Its wise to to not to have more than two bank accounts. Choose bank with a wider reach so that you don't have to change one when you Re relocating or changing job.
2. Asset Allocation:
# review portfolio every year
# check under performers and schemes with high expenses and low returns
# don't go for more than 8-10 funds
# avoid new funds
3. Keep only two cards.
# go for EMI options to pay delayed outstanding
# close the card with a high interest rates
4. Do not invest in more than three or four policies . ideally go for policies that can vè closed after certain no of years.
5. Use you hindsight while investing in stock market. Don't follow the tide. It takes a lot of time for money to grow even in the markets.
6. The Loan portion ideally should not exceed 40% of your monthly pay.
Lastly Play wise for a Happy New Year :)

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