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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Market till now

Gold becomes the high talk point in market across the world. Even when its prices are all time yet the investors are granting it as a safe option for investment. Due to economic instability and threat of double dip recession in the US and Europe market the yellow metal has secured its position in top of the investment list. There is a prediction that it will further rise in Asia specially in India and China.

US market
NASDAQ is going below the line and still in red it reached to 2290, S&P500 index is also in low position and touched 1115 while DOW JONES is recovering to 10540

UK market
FTSE 100INDEX  has gone down to 5350, FTAS is at 2760, TRXFLDGBP at 99
EUROPEAN market is also down accept the FCHI which has regained after 12pm is at 3680

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