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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Marble Services Available In Los Angeles

Marble stone looks and feels beautiful. It creates a luxurious finish for homes and other buildings. Unfortunately it can loose its appearance due to wear and tear problems like scratching, staining, incorrect cleaning etc. However, with the correct restoration process marble can be restored to its original beauty.

Marble servicing companies in Los Angeles take up a variety of marble restoration projects, specializing in wedding gazeboes, marble medallions, stone floor medallion, marble polish, terrazzo cleaning, abrasive water jet cutting and Marble Bridge saw.

Marble Restoration, Polishing And Sculpting

The process of marble polish in Los Angeles involves mechanically grinding the marble with metal diamonds, application of a concrete densifier and final polishing steps using resin based diamonds. A polished marble floor is tough, durable, easy to maintain and beautiful and the process can be applied to warehouse facilities, office buildings, retail stores and homes.

Marble restoration in Los Angeles includes the use of CNC machines. It is a three dimensional equipment that performs various functions like milling, grinding, polishing and sculpting. Most marble service companies have opened CNC shops to meet the demands of high precision, high speed and high efficiency under the toughest competitive circumstances.

Water jet cutting machines have the ability to cut marble without interfering with its inherent structure as there is no “heat affected zone”. These water jet cutters are also capable of producing rather intricate cuts in marble. Water jet cutting is accomplished by using a jet of water at high velocity and pressure, or a mixture of water and an abrasive substance to ape the natural process of water erosion. It is the most efficient, cost effective and fastest growing method to cut materials.

Bridge saws are the most popular machines in today’s industrial world and a variety of them are available in Los Angeles. These include Tammy 400, Maya 625, Maya 400 and Maya 1400. Laser guide, Cast Iron Bridge, wired remote control, microcomputer controlled and touch screen (LCD) control panel are some features common to these machines.

These processes help in providing us with some of the finest marble fireplace, mantels and gazeboes, and stone fireplaces, mantels and gazeboes.

Terrazzo Cleaning, Polishing And Restoration

Unlike when first introduced, terrazzo floors can now be maintained beautifully through the use of various restoration techniques. Various marble service providers offer terrazzo cleaning in Los Angeles.

These service providers are equipped to assess your terrazzo particular make-up including the Chip size, Chip distribution, Chip type and color and Matrix color. Once analyzes is complete, a color-match Portland cement or epoxy resin is customized, filled with the appropriate marble chips as defined by type, size and color. After setting, it is honed flat and polished to match the finish on your floor.

Other than these marble services like complete restoration, cleaning and sealing (New Installations), maintenance, ceramic cleaning and sealing, specialty sealing, historical reservation, stain removal, lippage removal and pressure washing services can also be availed in Los Angeles.

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