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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Are Your Employees Really Qualified | SmallBusinessNewZ

If Not, Your Reputation Could Be at Stake

I visited my favorite electronics store for citing as an example of what not to do with your sales staff, again the other day, and this time a whole new issue came up with regards to their employees. Incompetence.

This time, rather than being bombarded by numerous employees trying to "help" me, I actually went to one of them. The question was simple, "Where can I find the recordable media? The CD-Rs, DVD-Rs etc." The young lady whose sole purpose in this store (presumably) is to assist customers looked at me like I was Marty McFly trying to order a "Pepsi Free". She then directed me to the home theater department, which was most definitely not the right department. In fact, it was pretty much on the exact opposite side of the store. If I had been this person's manager, I would have been incredibly embarrassed. I decided to just look around until I found the correct department.

Ok, they still got my business that day, mostly because their location was in the general vicinity of somewhere else I was going (location can often play a huge factor in attracting customers). But this experience has further soured my already lemon-like opinion of this store's staff, and makes me want to resist going there in the future even more so.

Article source : Are Your Employees Really Qualified? | SmallBusinessNewz

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