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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Get Ready for Your Mystery Shopping Tour!

You are about to go on one of your first mystery shopping tours. You’re thrilled, you’ve read the instructions of the mystery shopping company, and you’re a little nervous about how you’ll perform. Read my advice on how to be prepared and relaxed for your first mystery shopping task, and fully enjoy becoming a pro secret shopper!

As I said, you’ve probably read the instructions before you go to your first mystery shopping location. Mystery shopping is a truly simple concept that requires no previous experience or particular qualification. Yet, reading and following instructions is really important, because you’ll have a framework of what you’re required and expected to do. Following instructions actually makes it easier for you to complete your assignment and earn your reward, because you know exactly if you have completed your task correctly or not.

Some people think that it takes mainly artistic skills with mystery shopping, but that statement is largely misunderstood. Performance and improvisation with mystery shopping is really important, because you encounter unexpected situations and might need to observe and report contingencies. However, these usually fall within the common sense, and you will find it relatively easy to know when your mystery shopping report needs to contain particular incidents or not. On the other hand, you should also carefully read the instructions, because they might tell you whether you should simply observe or also interfere in such situations.

Also, there are a lot of market research organizations that provide online guidance to mystery shoppers and tips on the ethical rules that people should follow when venturing into mystery shopping. Visiting legitimate mystery shopping sites or market research companies ensures that you get valuable and truthful information about how to do mystery shopping. Confidence, perceptibility and good spirits are anyway essentials for everyone who wants to be successful in mystery shopping. Good luck!

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