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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mystery Shopping Makes Shopping Dreams Come True

Mystery Shopping Makes Shopping Dreams Come True

If you associate mystery shopping simply with an online jobs, then you should definite expand your concept. Mystery shopping is more than just going shopping for pay. It actually helps you afford many things that you haven’t thought about, or might not be able to purchase as regularly as you would like. Mystery shopping also allows you to shop alternative locations and check different service providers, prices, and service quality.

Is mystery shopping demanding? Many online jobs such as reading paid email, doing paid surveys or secret shopping do not require much time to complete. When mystery shopping requires your physical presence at a particular shopping location, it may take even an hour to drive and complete your shopping assignment. Mystery shopping is different in that it asks you to take part in a staged shopping experience and provide immediate feedback. With paid surveys you can provide feedback much later than you experienced the product or service that is surveyed.

Mystery shopping does not necessarily mean that you need to go somewhere. Web shopping is extremely popular nowadays. Millions of people purchase various stuff online – from books, leather shoes, and second-hand laptops to airline tickets, diamond jewelry and even fast food. Shopping online is very popular, and evaluating online customer service is also extremely important for online businesses. Besides, mystery shopping online is perfect as clients do not need to disguise themselves to prevent the service managers from recognizing them as secret shoppers. Web shopping is also increasing in volume relative to shopping offline. Therefore, many mystery shopping companies also recruit secret web shoppers to make purchases online. Web shoppers are reimbursed for their expenses, or may be paid some commission for purchasing a product or service from an alternative provider.

If you are loyal customer to particular brands selling, for instance, detergent, car parts, cat food, etc., you might not wish to try another brand. But if you are paid for that, perhaps you would try and maybe even switch from your preferred brand to a new one if you are satisfied. Web shopping makes it easier for the consumer to complete the mystery shopping report without having to go to and back from particular location. With web shopping, you can experience the product and immediately fill in and submit the shopping report. It’s simple because it’s all online, and you need not leave your office or house. You can do other things simultaneously, too.

Mystery shopping can really make your shopping dreams come true, as long as you are open to exploring new shopping opportunities and like to try different brands and products. You get tons of free products and services for free, no matter if you are web shopping or go to offline shopping locations. Besides, you get paid to shop for free stuff that you rarely otherwise afford – easy, enjoyable, and rewarding, all with mystery shopping.

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job sites said...

thanks alot

Anonymous said...

Be careful when you login to a mystery shopping scam. You will be cheated. 2-3 payments you will recieve on time. But the rest you will never get. This company does mystery shopping for Pizza Hut and KFC. Karim Khalil is the king of this ring. Operational base Dubai.

Pardeep said...

Hey this is really the nice blog and the mugs are very attractive. i liked them. I also have the collection of designer stadium cups.

PatsyNanny said...

I am in Australia and I do mystery shopping for Frontline Focus. I have had no trouble at all with payments going into my bank account. They are paid 4 weeks after I have done the job and I am in constant contact with the project co-ordinator. My daughter also does it and has had no problem at all. I don't know where 'anonymous' lives but here in Australia it is going fine. I also do mystery shopping for another company and have had no problem with them

Michael said...

I have been working for FrontLineFocus for over 10 years now. Until October of 2007 Frontline paid on time and with no trouble. However, since October 2007 things have gone from bad to worse. I have waited nearly six months for a payment. None of my emails or phone calls have been returned. It leaves with wondering what kind of scam this has become.