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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

National Fish and Chip Shop of the Year judged on taste and green efforts - News at

National Fish and Chip Shop of the Year judged on taste and green efforts - News at

We can't think of many jobs we would rather do than be the judge in a national Fish and Chip Shop of the Year competition, especially now that the prestigious event takes green credentials into account. Townhead Café in Biggar, which won the 2007 award last Friday, demonstrated a sustainable supply chain as well as tasty grub to nab it the prize.

It's little wonder that standards are being squeezed, with over-fishing becoming a serious problem in Britain's waters and the price of cod rocketing through the roof -- celebrity chef Tom Aiken is even opening a Michelin-star green chippy in London with an aim to take on the industrial fishing giants.

So the Chip Shop contest, usually judged by a round of mystery shopper visits, now includes an investigation into the sustainability of fish species used and the amount of effort they put into steering customers from those with low stocks.

"We don't use cod; haddock from the Shetlands is in plentiful supply at the moment," said Gordon Hillan of the Townhead Café. "I always check down the supply chain that everyone is conforming to sustainable practice. Running the shop is hard work but this victory proves it's worth all the effort."

Ainsley Harriott, who presented the award ceremony, said: "It's great to see that shops are adopting sustainable practices and their commitment to introducing customers to some of the delicious alternative species our hard-working fisherman have to offer. It's an example that everyone should follow."

Sure, fish and chips may not be the healthiest available (by a margin wider than a regular consumer), but it's an indulgence that we all cave in to now and again. So it's great news that we can now see how environmentally responsible our local chippy is.

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