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Friday, January 11, 2008

Go for Shopping and Get Paid

Getting into the mystery shopping business is relatively easy. If you want to become a secret shopper, there are at least a couple of things you need to do in order to succeed in your endeavor.

First, you need to find a reliable and legitimate resource for mystery shopping companies. It is actually easier than it seems, because there are very good free databases of mystery shopping sites and all sorts of incentivized programs that allow people to get paid for things such as reading email, taking surveys, etc. It’s preferable to subscribe to a free mystery shopping site, because you don’t lose anything – no investments and fees that you need to pay in advance. It’s fair to use the mystery shopping resources for free, because it might take you a variable amount of time to recover the fees. Some companies claim that they provide legitimate and genuine mystery shopping and other paid program resources, and promise tremendous rewards and incentives to potential subscribers. However, that is not always the case – against a substantial fee you don’t get anything different from what the free mystery shopping sites provide. You are not only disappointed, but you practically lose some $40 or even more on a fee that does not give you access to nothing exclusive.

After you subscribe to a free legitimate mystery shopping site, you should either receive invitations to complete particular mystery shopping assignments, or you should sign up yourself. The mystery shopping sites that provide legitimate service are easy to navigate, and provide good customer support and detailed instructions how to use the site and how to succeed as a mystery shopper. Once you take the assignments as a mystery shopper, you should also expect to receive additional instructions or even some mystery shopping training. You might feel that you are born to be a mystery shopper – pretending that you are someone else. However, that is only part of the whole story. Mystery shopping also means that you should be adequate, natural, perceptive, intuitive, flexible and inquisitive. You need to locate gaps in customer service and report them. Mystery shopping is not a drama performance in which you have to be applauded for your perfect customer disguise. Mystery shopping is also an analytical task, as you are paid for the responsible job to provide reliable customer feedback that will help companies improve their services and products. Therefore, what it takes to become a successful mystery shoppers, apart from using good resources and being a good actor, is to be able to follow instructions and to provide reliable consumer feedback. That will guarantee that the mystery shopping companies that hire you will appreciate your work, and may prefer you for future and more exclusive mystery shopping jobs.
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