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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Mystery Shopping Advice – Path to Successful Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping can be a truly adventurous and thrilling cash-earning experience if you know how to turn your secret shopper tasks into a playful routine. Even though mystery shopping is always different – you go to various locations and communicate with different people, once you gain some experience, you do it with ease. One of your most important tasks is to provide the customer feedback that you are actually paid for. The essence of mystery shopping is actually to inform the company that contracted you about the true quality of its customer service and how likely you are to return to the premises, depending on your customer satisfaction. Therefore, providing an accurate and detailed report back is your primary responsibility, and you shouldn’t neglect that part of mystery shopping.
Going on mystery shopping can be truly exciting for you, but this is not an acting experiment that you might as well fail. Quite on the contrary, there are people who rely on your feedback and expect to analyze your findings as a secret customer. Writing the mystery shopping report can also be a very easy and rewarding job, because your feedback is meaningful and important to a business or a whole industry. If you know how to combine the fun part of acting as a real customer with the routine part of the job – writing the report quickly and accurately, you can hope to become a good and experienced mystery shopper that the mystery shopping companies will appreciate and wish to contract.
Mystery Shopping Advice – Path to Successful Mystery Shopping

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