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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

How to Find Online Home-based Business Opportunities & Quit your Day Job

How to Find Online Home-based Business Opportunities & Quit your Day Job Author: Scott Bamboo

Thinking of firing your boss and be your own boss? You are not alone because this is the dream for many people who are under employment and get tired with their job. Unless you have sufficient money to invest in traditional offline business, online home-based business is the faster and most cost effective way to get you started. There are many home-based business opportunities available online, the question is how to find one that is profitable to enable you to quit your day job and be your own boss?

Don't in hurry to quit your day job if you have not even get started or yet to earn sufficient income from online business to cover your existing living expenses. It can be your goal and a motivation to work toward the success of your online home-based business. You can find online home-based business opportunities in a few areas:
1. eBay Online Store
eBay is always a great place to start, you can easily setup a an online store and start selling your products. Any product can be sold in eBay online stores but first of all you need to do some market analysis on the needs of your products, because if there is no demand for your products, you may not get sufficient revenue to replace your day job. You can use free / paid keyword search & analysis tool such as Google keyword tool or keyword discovery tool to help you in analysis your niche market.
2. Drop Shipping
If you do not have products to sell, then you can find your products sources from drop shippers. With drop shipping, you do not need to stock your products and no need to worry if the products can't sell and the drop shippers will also take care about your shipping. What you need to do is getting the sales for your online business and let drop shippers do the rest for you.
eBay with drop shipping is the best combination for people who like to start up their home-based business on eBay online store with the stock of products and it's shipment handle by drop shippers.
3. Affiliate Marketing For Digital Products
If you would like to sell other people's products and share a big portion of profits as your commission, then, affiliate marketing on digital products such as e-books, software and memberships can meet your requirement. You can become the member of many affiliate networks such as Clickbank, Linkshare & Commission Junction and start selling their digital products immediately. The best thing is you do not need to pay a penny to become their members. Most affiliate commission will range from 40% to 75%. You may earn better than your current day job if you success in affiliate marketing. If your do it right and achieve your income level that are better than your day jobs, it's time for you to quit your job and work from your comfort home wearing pajamas.
There are many online home-based business opportunities. You can easily get start your home-based business once your find your niche market. But, you need to put time and efforts to success. Hence don't in hurry to quit your day job until your find your success path.
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Scott Bamboo is the author for No body are borned to be successful as internet or affiliate marketer, you need the right tools and useful resources to help you to success. Find the required information & FREE resources on home-based business, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, ebay & dropshipping from this site.

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