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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

20 Businesses You Can Start With Rs 5 lakh Or Less

BusinessWhat's it aboutSkills neededAmount you need to start (Rs)Gross Profit (%)Break-even periodCompany in the Namebusiness


Ultra-short temping servicesArrange temporary manpower for event managers. There are young people reaady to make some quick money and event managers are looking for more hands.Networking1,0002010 monthsRadicals, MumbaiChirag Bhatia, Varun Parekh
Shoe washCanvas shoes were cleaned earlier with just detergent and an old toothbrush. But people who wear today's fancy sneakers prefer paying a bit to have them cleaned by experts.Knowledge of using the chemicals involved, marketing7,000403 monthsShoe Laundry, MumbaiSandeep Gajakas
Food deliveryHow do you lay out a dinner spread with the best dishes from the best restaurants in town? Or, get food from your favourite resturant? A specialist food delivery service can do just that.Marketing and sales15,000202 monthsDial-a- Meal, HyderabadPani Kumar Reddy
Uniform makingB-schools are making dress codes compulsory for students. Law and medical colleges may do the same. Tie up with these institutions to deliver dresses at student-friendly prices.Man management20,000N.A.1 yearEcstacy Enterprises, KolkataAtiq Shah
Property managementFind a suitable workplace for business enterprises and save their time by doing all the cumbersome paperwork for them.Marketing and sales50,000501 monthE-States International,PuneSundip Joshy, Sachin Dhanwala
Telecom Business ConsultantcyWith the spirit of entrepreneurship reaching new heights, leverage your knowledge and expertise to make business plans for budding entrepreneurs.Networking50,000N.A.4 monthsTons Telecom, BangaloreSridhar Pai
Wedding planningWeddings in India have unmatched opulence and are a long drawn process in some parts. Organise them for people who do not have the time.Creativity50,00015Depends on projects you getTAB Events, DelhiRita Bhasin
Concierge servicesArrange services like medical treatment, babysitting and even plumbing for newcomers to a place.Networking, communication skills50,000106 monthsConcierge 4 India, DelhiArvind Pandey
House keeping (hotels)Help hotels keep their rooms spick and span.Man management, communication skills50,00020N.A.Pristine Interiors, DelhiRitu Mukherji
Pre-recruitment and assessment exercise There is a talent crunch in India. Help cos hire workers by preparing tests and then evaluating applicants on the basis of their performance.Marketing and sales75,000252 monthsMeritTrac, BangaloreMadan Padaki
Custom-making chocolatesPrepare the perfect food, chemically speaking, and serve in fancy wrappers.Creativity, love for chocolates100,00030-351 weekRage Chocolatiers, BangaloreRashmi Vaswani
Bus service websiteInter-city bus service is booming. Create a webpage that shows all the bus routes and their rates and through which tickets can be booked.Knowledge of IT, bus routes200,000105 monthsRedBus.inPhanindra Sama, Charan Padmaraju, Sudhakar Pasupunuri, Bangalore
Custom-making festival giftsInnovatively choose festival gifts for a client and have them appropriately wrapped.Sensitivity, idea of direct gift makers' outlets300,000203 monthsSacred Moments, MumbaiPrakash Mundhra
Online ads Have a directory of websites and use your access to those in charge of them to get the right niche ad space for a client, so that he maximises his reach to his target audience. Media planning, knowledge of Net, networking300,000 20 1 year Ozone Media, BangaloreKiran Gopinath
Verification services Informaton security is a big concern for BPOs. Check the background of prospective employees to avoid corporate fraud. Networking with police, legal knowledge 400,000106 months Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations India (PCII), Gurgaon Krishnendu Biswas, works for PCII as MD
Tank cleaning Growing use of water tanks and concern for hygiene gives you a chance to displace the guy in dirty overalls and professionally clean tanks with the right equipment. Tech-savvy 400,000 307 months TanClean, Mumbai Sunil Uplab
Travel guide Pollution, long working hours, stress ... customise trips to forests, fishing riverines and mountains for those who just wanna chill (Ye man!) Knowledge about getaways, high fun quotient 1,50,000 35 24 months Outrigor, Bangalore Sandeep Chakrabarti
Revenue credit billing Manage the credit finances of hospitals that are outsourcing this job. The quicker you recover money for your client the more the chances of success. Knowledge of insurance, networking2,00,000 20 3 months Health and Insurance Integrated, Noida Deepak Mendiratta
Merchandising services Merchandising by business establishments is growing. Do it efficiently for them. Marketing, creativity 2,00,000 10 15 months Desk Digital Print, Delhi Yogesh Bharadwaj
Housekeeping (offices)Help Shining India. Get its offices cleaned.Man management, communication skills 5,00,0005 12 monthsCollections, Delhi Ramesh Varma

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