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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mystery Shopper Finds Job Rewarding

Mystery Shopper Finds Job Rewarding

What's your idea of a dream job? Ice cream taster, roller-coaster expert, ball boy for the champion Spurs? One San Antonio woman says she's found hers at the mall. And she's letting us in on what it takes to be a successful, professional mystery shopper.

"I work for about six different companies and if I wanted to I could make hundreds of dollars a month, but I just do it casually. So I get a nice, tidy little check from a couple of companies every month."

This woman is so good at what she does, she does not want us to reveal her identity. She is a professional mystery shopper, paid to shop and give her opinion on a variety of things, such as, "cleanliness of the store, do they have any handwritten signs, are they following all of the rules that their company has set for them?"

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