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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How do I get paid?

How do I get paid?
Those who take up the jobs and sign up the trial offers, their account status will immediately show pending earnings. It takes about 8 weeks for these pending earnings to be processed in the light of verification of sign up and other requirements and approved if found compliant. Once a member’s account shows a balance of $ 50 of approved earnings, a button “ to get paid” will pop-up ”. On clicking this button you can make a request to receive payment. Mystery shopping company will send check to those who have opted for check payment to their address on file after deducting $ 2 to cover postage within a period of two weeks and credit the PayPal account of the participants within a period of 48 hours. is a FREE service that allows you to instantly receive cash over the Internet. You can register with PayPal by going to In their own interest, participants should inform of any change in these particulars by going to the Update Profile page to verify that your personal information is correct.
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